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Driving drunk

Distracted driving NZ

Drink driving can be deadly (and equal to using a cellphone):

Drinking impairs judgment while driving, especially beyond the .05 BAC level where it impairs it significantly. However, tolerance is necessary. Reasonable limits are to be sought. But just what is reasonable? Science and society must find a reasonable compromise.
Estimate YOUR blood alcohol content after several drinks (see below).
For 20-29 yr olds (a high-risk group) the risk almost triples from 20 times more likely to have a fatal accident at .05 blood alcohol over 50 times more likely to have a fatal accident at .08 BAC.
Are you likely to have an accident? Click on graph - shows previous (.08) and recently changed NEW limits of (.05):

The effects of alcohol on driving (New Zealand)
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New Zealand recently reduced the limit from .08 to .05 BAC. Link.

Note, there is a  ZERO limit for BAC for drivers <20 years of age - NO DRINKS! Link.
And don't forget research shows that using a hands-free cellphone while driving has an effect on driving similar or worse than driving drunk.
The research worldwide shows that road accidents, especially the many horrible non-fatal crashes, significantly decrease where .05 limits (or less) have been introduced.
The .05 level is socially workable. Although the absolute safest level of alcohol while driving is NONE, if you feel you must have a small social drink, follow these STRICT guidelines:
Men:       2 drinks max in first hour, 1 per hour after.
Women: 1 drink per hour.

Here is a useful table showing how many drinks equate to BAC for both men and women of different body weights. It clearly shows what level you will likely be at if you do choose to drink and drive -

Table: Approximate blood alcohol percentage


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Estimate your breathiliser breath alcohol content:
A BAC limit of .05 approximates the current BREATH alcohol limit of 250 (in NZ);
(The old pre-2015 NZ BAC limit of .08 approximates a BREATH alcohol limit of 400):

For workshops on attentive driving, see DriveDoctor on this website.

Don't drink and drive - don't dial and drive